Safe and Effective Dosing of 2,4-Dinitrophenol (DNP)

To ensure safety, DNP must be dosed carefully and conservatively; an overdose can be fatal.  This in itself is far from unique—most drugs can be fatal if overdosed sufficiently—but DNP demands more caution than most other supplements, for two reasons.


First, DNP has a low “therapeutic index”.  That is, it can be lethal at doses only 3-4 times higher than the optimal therapeutic dose.  Overdosing must be avoided scrupulously.  Still, though perhaps frightening, this is not a unique danger of DNP.  (The same is true of ordinary alcohol: Lethal alcohol poisoning occurs at just a few times the intake required for a pleasant “buzz” of mild intoxication.)


Second—and important to keep in mind at all times—is that DNP dosing is cumulative: It remains in the body for several days after ingestion.  Small and moderate doses of DNP can, therefore, build up to the equivalent of much larger doses if the drug is used for a week or more.


How long the body takes to eliminate DNP has not been conclusively established.  Cumulative doses of DNP may vary widely from person to person, and may even differ significantly between bodyfat leels for the same individual.  “Cumulative dose tables” found on the Internet are based on an assumed half-life of 36 hours.  This figure is chosen essentially at random, and is NOT reliable!


Unfortunately, for any particular individual, there is no way to investigate the cumulative effects of DNP other than experimentation.  Always start with LOW doses of DNP, and ALWAYS err on the side of caution when making dosing decisions.




Users with no DNP experience should begin at a low dose—no more than 3 mg/day * bodyweight in kg (or approximately 1.35 mg/day * bodyweight in pounds).  For a user who weighs about 200 lbs (about 90 kg), a beginning dose should be no higher than about 270 mg/day, with 200-250 mg/day perhaps most appropriate.


The primary goal of new DNP users should be to investigate the cumulate effects of the drug.  New users of DNP, or users titrating to  a higher dose for the first time, should NEVER increase the dose during the first 5 to 7 days, as the drug still may not have reached its steady cumulative level by that point.


Ideally, the first DNP cycle for a new user should be entirely at this low dose.  Users should wait to increase the dose until later cycles.



Once a user has calibrated the effects of a DNP dose over at least 5-7 days, the user can titrate the dose upward.  Doses should be titrated upward by as small an amount as possible.

After any dose increase—or after switching to DNP from a new source (since the potency of DNP varies widely from source to source)—users should follow the same precautions recommended above for new users, even if they have a substantial history of DNP use.



DNP is most effective—and least debilitating and/or uncomfortable—in small to moderate doses.  High-dose “inferno” cycles of DNP tend to be pointless or even counterproductive, since they inevitably lead to such extreme physical exhaustion that users are unable to perform even light cardio (or even normal activities of daily living).

Since DNP increases the calorie burn rate of ALL physical activity (as discussed here), the same degree of fat loss—without the same intense side effects—can be achieved by simply performing light cardio along with a moderate DNP dose.


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