About DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol)

DNP (2,4-dinitrophenol) is the world’s most powerful fat-burning compound.


For a bodybuilder, athlete, or model looking to lose fat quickly, DNP is truly in a league of its own.  Used properly, DNP can yield…

… up to 20 times as much fat loss as clenbuterol (“clen”),

… up to 100 times as much fat loss as the combination of ephedrine and caffeine (“EC stack”),

… a higher calorie burn rate for cardio exercise, regardless of effort level,

… a protein-sparing effect, burning stored body fat without muscle catabolism,

… the freedom to relax a bodybuilding diet, or to increase calories, without fat gain.


Truly, the benefits of DNP are no joke—but neither are its risks.

When used with care by an educated athlete, DNP is both effective and safe.  There’s a thin line between an effective dose and an overdose, though, and the consequences of crossing that line are acute and severe.  The keys to staying safe are caution, patience, self-awarness, proper supplementation and hydration, and, most importantly, knowledge.


Dosing for DNP is discussed here.


Learn about the chemistry and action of DNP here.


DNP can be used synergistically with other bodybuilding supplements for maximum fat loss.  Click here for information on “stacking” DNP with other fat burners.


Unlike other fat-loss drugs, DNP affects the energy requirements of ALL activities, not just metabolism.  As a result, cardio exercise on DNP will burn more calories than normal, on top of DNP’s baseline effect on metabolism and fat loss.  Click here to read more about DNP and calorie consumption.

DNP is an effective fat burner on any diet; the effectiveness of DNP is not diminished on low-carbohydrate cutting diets.  To read more about the effects of DNP on different bodybuilding diets, click here.


DNP is ideal for contest preparation because it is protein-sparing; that is, it preserves lean muscle while body fat is burned.  This effect is not pure magic, though, and must be enhanced with proper workouts.  Read here about workouts to preserve lean mass.