A letter from guest

You say it’s dangerous and then show them how to buy AND USE a drug that has 62 published deaths in the medical literature. You should be sued if one person dies because of this website. One person = one mother, father, grandparents, children, cousins, fiance, girlfriend, boyfriend. You are hurting people with this website and you have a responsibility to take it down. If you don’t, and someone dies, you are at fault. Just because you don’t have a knife doesn’t mean you didn’t commit murder. Gurndingh J. 2,4-dinitorphenol(DNP): a weight loss agent with signficant acut toxicity and risk of DEATH. J Med Toxicol 2011;(3):205-12.

Answer from site admin:
Dear guest! I tried to answer to email you have provided, but this address wasn’t registered in the system, so I’ll just write here.

You are right, but do you really think that closing one site will help saving peoples lives? All I do is provide information on taking DNP the SAFEST way (which is risky anyway).
What most dangerous for people is not knowing, or knowing wrong about how to take this substance.
If you see any adversary content – just let me know, I’ll delete it. This web site is open for any new articles, how about you write some?